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CEO / User interface Designer

Meet Nathan, a multifaceted creative force and the driving visionary behind Studio Piccolo, a cutting-edge branding agency that sets new standards in the industry. As a talented User Interface (UI) Designer and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nathan effortlessly combines his passion for design with astute business acumen to lead his team and clients towards unparalleled success.

"Your life is a work of art, and you are the artist. Design it with love, compassion, and mindfulness, and let every action be a stroke of beauty." - Nathan

Nathan Fikri-Chapman

Nathan is a cross-disciplinary Graphic UX/UI designer from Singapore. Specializing in wide range of practices; from print to editorital, to identity systems and user interface. Created branding for several small businesses including a microgreens startup, a hack-a-thon for General Motor's, clothing stores and rave collectives.

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Graphic Designer